Overwatch screenshot of a very early build of Symmetra

Blizzard released an absolute storm of announcements yesterday, revealing major content and side-activities for pretty much all of their games (sorry Diablo fans). While it ended up being slightly overshadowed by all of the new features and esports craziness, the Overwatch developers also held an immensely interesting presentation where they delved into Overwatch's history and how exactly it came to be what it is today.

I won't show the full presentation as its quite lengthy, but if you're interested in seeing how Overwatch developed over time I would highly recommend you give the video below a look. It was captured directly from the stream so the quality isn't perfect, but its still offers an amazing look at some of the earliest stages of Overwatch. Have a gander, its well worth the 6 minutes:

What surprised me the most here is the order in which the heroes were created. It is well known that Mercy, Tracer, Reaper, Pharah, and Reinhardt were some of the first heroes ever created since they had links to the failed Titan project, but who could've guessed that the very first 'new' hero they made was Winston! I expected something like Soldier 76 as he's a comfortably generic hero, something that wouldn't be difficult to create but would fill an important niche. And yet, it was actually Hanzo (who was a combination of Hanzo and Genji back then), Bastion, Symmetra, and even McCree that made it in before him! Who knows, maybe Soldier 76's initial design was a lot more outlandish than what we ended up getting and had to be toned down over time? Either way, I would love to see more of these types of videos as they are genuinely fascinating!

As a final note, you can learn more about the upcoming Overwatch content, as well as the newly announced World of Warcraft: Classic, by heading over here.

Overwatch screenshot of the new Barbarian Zarya cosmetic