Mei from the Overwatch animated short Rise and Shine

Earlier this week Blizzard released two new trailers for Overwatch, one a brief cinematic featuring Junkrat & Roadhog, and the other a preview for the upcoming payload map Junkertown. And just a few moments ago they have released yet another video, this time around the much rumored cinematic short starring Mei... and yes, its quite a-Mei-zing!

So if you don't mind taking a bit of time away from the apocalyptic wastes of Australia, you'll find the most recent cinematic short "Rise and Shine" right below. I would fully recommend you give it a look because Blizzard's cinematic department is one of the very best in the entire gaming industry. Have a gander:

Since there isn't much to be said about the cinematic other than the fact that Mei is beyond adorable, allow me to pile on the good news by saying that Junkertown will be heading to the PTR (Public Test Realm) in the very, very near future. The exact date hasn't been announced just yet, but its expected that the current PTR patch with buffs to Widowmaker, Roadhog, Junkrat, and Orisa will be arriving this Tuesday, so chances are you'll be seeing it shortly after that. Have fun with all of the new content, and make sure to try out the Deathmatch game mode - its far more enjoyable than the name would suggest!