Overwatch Halloween Terror artwork for the beast Winston skin

[Update]: Halloween Terror 2021 event has now gone live, and sadly there is absolutely no new PvE content. On the positive side, the accompanying update did add some awesome Mercy improvements!

Given that Halloween is fast approaching it should come as little surprise to hear that Blizzard has now announced that Overwatch's annual Halloween Terror event is coming back once more. What might come as quite a surprise, however, is that they did not leave much time between the announcement and its release!

So if you're in the mood for some spooky, scary skins, you'll be pleased to hear that Halloween Terror 2021 will be launching this October 12th! The event will last until November 2nd, and much like before, will bring with it an assortment of new and old cosmetics to collect, as well as the co-op focused Junkenstein’s Revenge mode.

Given that most of the developers are currently working on Overwatch 2 I highly doubt we'll see any sort of significant gameplay changes, but there is a good chance we'll at least see a couple of new PvE challenges. After all, this is the perfect time to test out some potential Overwatch 2 mechanics while also providing fresh and interesting new content, so I really do hope Blizzard pulls through and delivers a couple of fun challenges.

Once the Halloween Terror update goes live I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can check out some of last year's cosmetics by visiting the Overwatch website. Enjoy!