Overwatch screenshot for Echo's new vampire bat Halloween cosmetic

[Update]: Overwatch is currently testing some rather strange buffs to McCree, Junkrat, Torbjorn and Moira, while McCree's name will soon be getting changed for good.

As is unfortunately often the case these days with Blizzard, it's time to play the 'good news, bad news' game. The good news is that not only has the Halloween Terror 2021 event now arrived alongside a whole bunch of awesome skins, but the accompanying update has also added some rather exciting improvements for Mercy.

First things first, here's the brief teaser trailer showing off each of the new skins in action, as well as highlighting the rewards for the three weekly challenges:

As for the Mercy changes, instead of having a completely binary Guardian Angel targeting option, the new update has split the setting into three in order to give players extra flexibility. Here's a brief rundown of what each of them does:

Facing Target Only: Guardian Angel will only ever fly to the ally you are aiming at.
Prefer Beam Target: Guardian Angel will fly to your beam target if you have one, if not it will attempt to use the ally you are aiming at.
Prefer Facing target: Guardian Angel will fly to the ally you are aiming at. If there is not one, it will attempt to use your beam target.

*Additional change: Holding down the button for Guardian Angel while using “Toggle Guardian Angel: On”, will now activate once a valid target is found.

These new settings might not look like a big deal, but they're something that the Overwatch community has been asking for many years at this point, so I'm definitely happy to see them finally added.

Now then, the bad news. There is nothing new in Junkenstein's Revenge! The whole trailer thing with the Huntress and the inside of the castle? Only for show. The actual game mode is unfortunately exactly the same as it was for many years before. There aren't even new challenges to overcome! So if you're like me and you were looking forward to some fresh Overwatch content, I'm afraid you'll have to leave disappointed once again as there is simply nothing here.

That unfortunate note aside, the whole Halloween Terror event will last until November 2, which should give you plenty of time to scrounge up enough in-game coins to grab any of the fancy new cosmetics you might, well, fancy! Speaking of which, you can check out the full list of them over at the Overwatch website.

Enjoy the spooky atmosphere, and here's to hoping we get some more Overwatch 2 news in the near future!