Overwatch artwork showing a very grassy Bastion

[Update #2]: Overwatch 2's PvP mode will finally be heading into Closed Beta this April 2022.

[Update]: According to the Q3 2021 earnings report call, Blizzard has pushed back the release of both Overwatch 2 and Diablo 2. 

While Overwatch 2's release date is still a mystery, I'm happy to say that Blizzard has finally broken their long silence and released some more information about it! More specifically, as a part of the recent Overwatch League finals Blizzard has unveiled the Sombra and Bastion reworks, as well as offered a small glimpse at the new Push game mode.

First things first, here are the two videos detailing what's happening with Sombra and Bastion. It's pretty exciting stuff, so have a peek:

When it comes to Sombra, the rework is exactly what many of us expected - she was made less annoying to play against, yet stronger individually. While not quite as exciting as Bastion's changes, the Sombra tweaks are definitely a step in the right direction and will do a great deal of good for her.

Speaking of Bastion, he really surprised me! I fully anticipated some major changes in order to make him less of a joke hero, but the Overwath 2 rework has pretty much transformed his whole identity, and for the better. Now instead of only being useful against new or uncoordinated players, Bastion will be an actual hero that can approach each battle in multiple ways. Consider me excited!

The final thing worth mentioning is that Blizzard also released an exhibition match showing off the new Push game, Rome map, as well as the Sombra and Bastion reworks in action. There's sadly no new heroes shown at any point, but it's still a pretty fun match to end things on. Enjoy!