No Man's Sky's screenshot showing the new shared Expeditions

[Update #2]: No Man's Sky's Sentinel update has overhauled combat, added new robotic AI companions, tweaked a variety of visual effects, and the list goes on for a while.

[Update]: No Man’s Sky's latest Prism update has brought in a massive amount of visual improvements.

Continuing with their plan of improving just about every aspect of No Man's Sky, Hello Games have now released the rather massive Expeditions update. As you might expect, at the forefront of the update are the titular Expeditions which function as a brand new game mode that offers unique rewards and challenges.

These Expeditions always start from a fixed point in the universe, which is perfect for meeting up with fellow travelers and teaming up in order to brave whatever lies ahead. Each Expedition is made out of multiple Milestones which can range from fairly simple to incredibly difficult. All of them can be tackled in any order and will test your skills at every aspect of No Man's Sky, with the end reward usually being some sort of major upgrade or a nifty cosmetic.

In order to make this process as tricky as possible, Hello Games have also greatly improved the Sentinel Walker enemies. Not only can they now be hot-dropped from orbit to stop any sort of nonsense on your part, but they have been upgraded with better targeting sensors and faster movement as well. So while they are still possible to beat, even when alone, a bit more caution is advised given how they can quite easily overwhelm you now.

No Man's Sky screenshot of the Sentinel Walkers from the Expeditions update

Adorable and deadly!

As is tradition, the Expedition update has brought with it yet another HUD rework. The changes this time around are primarily focused on making it cleaner and more stylized, while at the same time improving the legibility of most elements. And from what I've seen, the rework does a pretty good job at it!

The final important thing to mention are the numerous technical improvements. These have been implemented across all platforms and will not only reduce initial load and warp times, but will also boost texture loading and terrain generation speeds, which should help make everything run smoothly while you're flying across the planet's surface at high speeds. Not the most exciting of changes, I'll be the first one to admit, but these sorts of improvements will go a long way towards making No Man's Sky as immersive as possible, which is definitely a welcome thing.

To learn a little bit more about the Expeditions update you should head on over to the No Man's Sky website. As for me, I'll leave you with the brief trailer highlighting what the Expeditions look like in action. Enjoy!