No Man's Sky screenshot of the brand new sandworm beast

[Update]: The newest Expeditions update has added a new game mode and plenty of awesome improvements.

Ever since its somewhat disappointing release, No Man's Sky has either improved or overhauled just about every aspect of gameplay. This includes things like base building, ground vehicles, a ton of new quests and areas of interests, and perhaps most importantly, the long-awaited multiplayer mode.

However, the one aspect of No Man's Sky that did unfortunately get neglected is the actual exploration of new and bizarre worlds. Sure, you could find the occasional planet with a wacky color scheme, but more often than not it was exactly the same stuff you'd seen a million times over. And for a game that's all about venturing into the unknown, that's a bit of a shame.

With that in mind, I am delighted to say that the newly launched Origins update has now made things a lot more interesting. Systems can now have multiple stars and some truly unique skyboxes, planets can have a wider and crazier assortment of terrain, while the cloud and weather variations should make for rather atmospheric moments as you roam across the untamed wilds.

You can also expect to see a whole bunch of new flora and fauna (including the always-exciting sandworms), a much slicker UI, better teleporters, and just to spice things up even further, gigantic alien ruins to delve into for secrets and treasure. Long story short, I hope you're in the mood for some good ol' fashioned exploration!

You can read more about the Origins update, as well as potentially grab No Man's Sky while it's on a 50% discount, over at Steam. Have fun, and for now I'll leave you with the teaser trailer: