Apex Legends artwork for the new Legend Loba

[Update]: Apex Legends' Season 6 is bringing in a new Legend called Rampart, an energy SMG and gear crafting.

After going through a small delay, Apex Legends' massive Season 5 update has now finally arrived. It brings with it Loba as a brand new and loot-focused Legend, gigantic changes to Kings Canyon that include the destruction of Skull Town and Thunderdome, as well as a plethora of new cosmetics to collect.

There's also a whole bunch of story quests to unlock over the course of the season, a reconnect feature for the ranked mode, and even a massive rework of Mirage that has transformed him into a surprisingly powerful and tricksy character. And if that wasn't enough, Season 5 has also graced a variety of other Legends and weapons with much-needed balance tweaks, as well as fixed up some of the more problematic bugs like Wingman's 100% hipfire accuracy while crouched.

While there is no preview long enough to cover all of these new changes and additions, you can get a little bit of an idea of what Season 5 will look like in action through the recent gameplay trailer. Have a gander:

When it comes to Loba's power level, I'm honestly not sure what to think. Her teleportation bracelet is incredibly powerful, yet it does leave her quite vulnerable while it's still flying towards its destination. Similarly, the ultimate is great for grabbing a few extra items during a fierce firefight, but it's both slow to deploy and rather limited in how much stuff you can take. So while she might seem overpowered on paper, I have a feeling Loba will end up being a pretty balanced Legend overall.

Whatever Loba's future may bring, you can learn more about Season 5, as well as check out the full list of bug fixes and balance changes, over at the official website. Have fun!