Apex Legends artwork showing off Rampart

[Update #2]: The newest Season 6 preview is all about Rampart and her abilities, and as expected, she's looking like a bit of a controversial addition given her shields and mountable turret.

[Update]: Rampart now has a brand new cinematic short setting up her backstory.

If you're itching for some more Apex Legends content, you'll be happy to hear that Season 6 - Boosted is set to arrive this August 18th. It'll bring with it Rampart as a brand new and heavy-weapons focused Legend, a devastating energy SMG called Volt, as well as the ability to craft your own gear by collecting materials throughout the map.

Naturally, there will also be a fancy new Battle Pass containing the usual 100 new items, as well as a minty fresh new ranked season to endlessly stress about. Sadly, while I would love to tell you the actual details behind all of this new stuff, I'm afraid nothing has been revealed just yet.

That said, you can get a little bit of an idea of what Rampart has to offer through the recently posted trailer. Have a gander, it's a rather colorful one:

To learn a tiny bit more about Season 6, as well as keep track of any further announcements, you should head on over to the Apex Legends website.