Apex Legends artwork for Horizon

[Update #2]: Apex Legends' festive Holo-Day Bash event is launching this December 1st alongside the Winter Express mode.

[Update]: Apex Legends has fixed the horribly grindy Weekly Challenges and given everyone 10 free Levels.

Despite the massive Season 7 update that brought in a new map, legend and a ton of changes to all aspects of gameplay, most of the conversation within the Apex Legends community is currently focused on the Battle Pass and how much it sucks. And rightly so given that the Battle Pass has taken the "triple everything" approach with its new redesign and has thus become unbelievably grindy.

If you're wondering just how grindy we're talking about, then the best example is the daily quest that requires you to survive for 75 minutes, which doesn't include queue times, loading times, or any time spent dead. So if you're an average player and not simply hiding in a corner the whole game, this daily quest alone can take you upwards of two hours, which is just ridiculous!

Thankfully, all of this will soon be coming to an end as Respawn has heard the community's complaints loud and clear. As such, daily quests have already been reverted to Season 6 levels while keeping the star rewards the same, while the next update will revert all of the weekly quests to Season 6 levels as well. And as a nice little bonus, everyone will also get 10 free Battle Pass levels!

The final thing worth mentioning is that Respawn is also making it so weekly challenges will always give you the opportunity to complete them with more than one legend. So if you don't own a specific legend, or simply hate playing as them, just wait a week or two and the various quests will hopefully be updated to their new and much more reasonable variants.

You can read a little bit more about this, as well as check out all of the changes to daily quests, over at Twitter.