Apex Legends Horizon character artwork

[Update #2]: Apex Legends has fixed the horribly grindy Weekly Challenges and given everyone 10 free Levels.

[Update]: Apex Legends is bringing in massive and positive changes to the controversial Battle Pass.

The freshly launched Season 7 update really is an enormous one, potentially the biggest Apex Legends has seen so far. It brings with it the floating city of Olympus as a new map, the very first transport vehicle called the Trident, as well as Horizon, a remarkably fun gravity-bending new legend. And as an additional little bonus, Apex Legends has now made its way to Steam!

You can also expect to see the very first iteration of a guild/club system, an assortment of balance changes and quality of life tweaks, a fresh ranked season to participate in, and naturally, a brand new Battle Pass filled to the brim with fancy cosmetics. Unfortunately, it's that Battle Pass that has somewhat soured the otherwise excellent update.

Unlike the previous Battle Passes that could be completed even through casual play, the Season 7 Battle Pass redesign has gone with the "triple everything" approach. It takes far more experience to get each level, daily quests are obscenely grindy and can take multiple hours to complete, while some of the weekly quests are so ridiculously ambitious they'll probably take you a few months to cross out. In short, it's a bit of a mess.

The good news is that Respawn is working on fixing the Battle Pass, and have already reduced the experience requirements. Even so, the Battle Pass is still remarkably grindy, so I'd highly advise saving your money and only grabbing it later down the line once all of the nonsense has been ironed out. Otherwise, I have a feeling you'll just end up stressing out about something that should be fun, and I wouldn't wish that fate upon anyone.

Instead, enjoy the fun new content, explore the new map, and 'accidentally' keep bumping into people with the new Trident vehicle as it has a hilarious tendency to send them soaring through the air! And just for good measure, I'll leave you with the brief trailer highlighting everything Season 7 has to offer. Have fun!