Apex Legends artwork for Horizon in space

[Update]: Apex Legends' festive Holo-Day Bash event is launching this December 1st alongside the Winter Express mode.

Despite Apex Legends' Season 7 update being one of the biggest the game has ever seen, all of the positive changes and additions were quickly overshadowed by the Battle Pass and just how much it sucked. And I'm not exaggerating there either, because not only did the initial version of the Battle Pass require nearly three times the effort to complete daily challenges, but the challenges themselves were far more tedious than before.

After seeing the nearly endless waves of complaints, Respawn thankfully decided to fix everything up and make the Battle Pass more like the previous ones. As such, they quickly reverted the daily challenges to their Season 6 equivalent while keeping the star rewards the same, which on its own was already a massive boon.

Things have only gotten better since then as Respawn has just recently done the same for the weekly challenges. In other words, not only are the weekly challenges a lot less demanding to complete, but they will also no longer require you to do specific tasks with legends you don't even own. And best of all, the update has also granted 10 free Battle Pass levels to all players, which should more than make up for the lost experience.

As an additional little bonus, this latest update has also brought in audio adjustments, which will hopefully make the new Olympus map a lot less frustrating to play on. After all, getting third-partied is terrifying enough as it is, so it's definitely good that the enemies won't also be dead silent while sprinting directly at you!

I'd love to tell you all of the details, but I'm afraid that's pretty much it for the time being. So have fun with the new update, and make sure to give Respawn some much-needed feedback on the audio after the recent set of changes.