Vampire Survivors artwork and logo for indie bullet-hell roguelike

[Update #2]: Vampire Survivors has now been unleashed from Early Access alongside a sizable content update.

[Update]: In preparation for the upcoming launch, the Vampire Survivors team has now increased the price tag. Don't worry, it's still going to be dirt cheap!

When it comes to both quality and quantity, Vampire Survivors' updates have been genuinely impressive. Every couple of weeks the developers would unleash even more characters, maps, items and secrets to mess around with, as well as a whole host of quality-of-life improvements based on community requests. For a game that is still €2, that really is quite something!

After about a year of doing this, the Vampire Survivors team is now slowly getting ready to make the final step and fully launch from Early Access. As such, the recent Update 0.11.0 will be the last major content patch before Vampire Survivors' release, though there will still be smaller updates with tweaks, bug fixes and tiny bits of content to help flesh everything out for the big day.

One such update has arrived just now with "Random" as an actual unlockable character, the ability to skip the weapon selection from Candybox, the option to prevent backgrounds from moving around, as well as the long-requested ability to immediately cash-in all remaining Revives when completing the stage. And just to spice things up a little bit, Christine Davain has received a Sailor Moon inspired skin, because why not!

As for the actual release date, nothing has been said just yet, though the developers have announced that the big reveal will be coming soon. Once that happens, I'll make sure to let you know.

Until then, you can read a little bit more about Vampire Survivors and its freshly released Update 0.11.2 over at Steam. Enjoy!