Vampire Survivors official artwork for the roguelike bullet-hell game

[Update #2]: Vampire Survivors devs have revealed their plans for 2023, including new content and an engine upgrade.

[Update]: Vampire Survivors' Legacy of the Moonspell expansion has now arrived with a massive new map, 8 characters and 13 weapons.

After an absurd amount of updates that have brought in everything from new characters to new enemies, maps, weapons and gameplay mechanics, Vampire Survivors has now finally been unleashed from Early Access. Unsurprisingly, it has done so alongside yet another chunky batch of new content!

You can expect to see new skins for a variety of characters, an Inverse Mode that flips the stages upside down while beefing up the enemies, as well as an Endless Mode that removes the run-ending Reaper in favor of swarming you with an ever-increasing barrage of enemies. Oh, and appropriately enough, there's also a new weapon called the Greatest Jubilee that shoots out fireworks!

What some of these new additions look like in action, that you can get a little bit of a sneak peek at through the launch trailer below. Have a gander:

Naturally, being released from Early Access does not mean that Vampire Survivors' story is now over. According to the latest developer update, more content will keep flowing in until either the poncle team or the general public get sick and tired of it, which I can't imagine is going to happen any time soon. So if you haven't given Vampire Survivors a try by now, consider this a pretty good time to dive in!

Whatever your plans might be, I'll make sure to let you know once the next big update arrives. Until then you can read more about Vampire Survivors and its plans over at Steam. Enjoy!