Vampire Survivors indie roguelike official artwork

[Update #2]: Vampire Survivors' Legacy of the Moonspell expansion has now arrived with a massive new map, 8 characters and 13 weapons.

[Update]: Vampire Survivors has now been unleashed from Early Access alongside a sizable content update.

After adding a massive array of new characters, weapons and maps to mess around with, Vampire Survivors is now finally getting ready to leave Early Access. As a part of this process, and in order to better represent the sheer amount of content on offer, the Vampire Survivors team has now increased the game's price tag.

Don't worry, however, as Vampire Survivors is still going to be dirt cheap. Instead of $3 as it was all throughout Early Access, Vampire Survivors will now set you back a grand total of $5. Either way, it's still well worth it.

As for the Version 1.0 release date, I'm afraid nothing concrete has been announced just yet. That said, according to an earlier developer update we can expect to see more information about the big launch next week. Given the general pacing between updates, and how well polished Vampire Survivors already is, I won't be too surprised if it ends up leaving Early Access a mere week or two after the announcement goes live.

Once more information becomes available I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, I'd highly recommend jumping in as Vampire Survivors has been the best little time-waster I've played in quite a while. And even though it's not technically finished, there's already so much stuff to do and unlock that I doubt you'll be disappointed because you didn't wait for the full version.

Have fun!