Vampire Survivors artwork for the Castlevania inspired roguelite

[Update]: Vampire Survivors June 2022 update has added a new stage, three characters and a couple of items!

The Vampire Survivors team has just unleashed Patch 0.6.1 - The Weird One, and after playing through most of it I can confidently say the name is well deserved. More on that in just a second.

First things first, Patch 0.6.1 brings with it two new Arcanas to play around with, one more rank for the Skip power-up, an in-game shop that lets you convert gold to temporary items or minuscule permanent upgrades, as well as a brand new bonus stage by the name of Moonglow. The latter is quite a bizarre map as it has all of the game's power-ups simply strewn across the floor for you to grab at your leisure, as well as a low amount of enemies and a massive amount of torches and pots to smash.

Brief teaser showing off some of the new additions

On first glance Moonglow might seem like a super-casual map, something similar to Il Molise, but all of that is actually just a ruse! Around the 13-14 minute mark you will get assaulted by a boss that will begin warping reality itself, and if you manage to persevere against it you will end up getting transported to Vampire Survivor's very first proper 'boss fight'. It's more of an endurance run than an actual fight since you will be stripped of all of your gear and forced to flee, but it's definitely one of the weirdest things Vampire Survivors has done to date.

Things only get stranger from there as you will not only unlock the ability to see previously hidden secrets on the map, but also make the switch to the 'real' Patch 0.6.660. I've yet to explore everything so the following list might not be exhaustive, but Patch 0.6.660 brings with it four secret power-ups and two new weapon upgrades that use them (Infinite Corridor = Lancet + Gold & Silver Rings; Crimson Shroud = Laurel + Metaglio Left & Right), as well as what looks like three new characters to mess around with!

I won't spoil the details behind each item and unlock as finding all of this stuff is half of the fun. That said, this is yet another in a long line of absolutely amazing updates for Vampire Survivors, so if any of this looks even remotely intriguing to you I'd highly recommend jumping in and giving it a try. It really is good fun!