Day of the Tentacle monster vowing to conquer the world

A lot of people that read this today might not have been old enough to to play Day of the Tentacle when it released back in 1993, I certainly wasn't. When I finally did get around to it I found a game with extremely funny dialogue and even better voice acting, truly one of LucasArts best.

And now after months of teasing us with a few screenshots here and there, Day of the Tentacle Remastered has a trailer showcasing improvements in both graphics and audio quality.


The video goes over it a bit too quickly for my liking but the graphical improvements are quite significant, take a look at this comparison image I made.

Day of the Tentacle differences between old and remastered versions

Much better quality while still keeping the spirit of the game intact

While I think the new graphical improvements look far better than the original you might not. Instead of having a heated argument about whose opinion is right I am happy to tell you that you will be able to change from the remastered to the original version (and vice versa) with a single press of a button. So if you want to you can still experience the game in its old glory without all of the hassle that comes with trying to run ancient PC programs.

On the question of whether Day of the Tentacle is worth your time in today's day and age I would still say yes. The gameplay might not be awe-inspiring but the humor and well delivered voice acting make it a game you really shouldn't miss out on if you're someone that enjoys good storytelling.

Day of the Tentacle is coming to PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Vita in early 2016 (most likely March). Now all we need is for Full Throttle to get an update and I'll be in point and click heaven.