Humble Weekly Bundle is offering The Division beta key and Tom Clancy games

If you've found yourself enjoying Rainbow Six: Siege now you have a chance to try out the games that inspired it, for a rather low price, at the currently ongoing Humble Weekly Bundle.

But perhaps the most stand-out deal in the whole package is the fact that the $10 tier, besides a bunch of great games, contains a beta key for The Division so you could give it try before its official release on March 8 and see if its the sort of thing you'd enjoy without spending a whole lot of money on it.

On the other hand, while I tend to be very much so against pre-ordering the $75 tier is also a rather good deal if you plan on buying The Division anyway since you will get the game itself ($60), a shirt, and three -66% coupons for Ubisoft games (excluding the few latest ones unfortunately), as well as all of the previous Tom Clancy themed games.

Also, even though this should be obvious, keep in mind that all of these keys are redeemable only on Ubisoft's Uplay so if you were planning on expanding your Steam library or simply dislike Uplay I'm afraid you're out of luck.

If you don't know what tier to go for I'd suggest sticking with the $10 one. It won't set you back much and you'll get some great games out of it as well as the ability to essentially demo The Division so as far as value for your money goes its pretty solid. Have fun!