World War Z game screenshot showing the characters fending off a zombie horde

[Update #2]: World War Z is getting an expansion with new levels, characters, and even bigger zombie hordes.

[Update]: A free update has now added a comprehensive Horde mode and an explosive new enemy.

The co-op focused shooter World War Z launched a little while ago with all the warning signs pointing towards serious trouble. It was a tie-in game for a movie that's practically forgotten at this point, the only enemies you were going to fight were the already overused zombies, while its gameplay style seemed to be based entirely on Valve's Left 4 Dead. However, despite the deck being quite heavily stacked against it, World War Z ended up being a genuinely enjoyable game!

With that in mind, I am also happy to say that things will be getting even better in the near future as the developers have now announced their plans for the upcoming free updates. The details are still few and far between, but here's what you can expect to see:

In May, a brand-new mission set in Tokyo will drop alongside a terrifying zombie type that spits a deadly virus and can resurrect if not properly dispatched.

June will bring a new six-skull difficulty setting with a unique reward, as well as bonus cosmetics and more.

In July, survivors will discover the new Weekly Challenge mode, plus additional cosmetics and other goodies.

Besides the above-mentioned content that has a date, the developers are also currently working on a wave-bound survival mode, private lobbies, as well as field of view and level of detail sliders for the PC version. While I would've preferred for some of these features to be there from the very start, most notably the private lobbies, it is at least nice to see that the developers are willing to stick with World War Z for quite a while.

You can learn a tiny bit more about the upcoming patches, as well as follow the developers moving forward, over at the official forums.