World War Z official screenshot showing a zombie wave attacking

[Update]: World War Z is getting an expansion with new levels, characters, and even bigger zombie hordes.

While the World War Z title might not inspire a lot of confidence given that it sounds like a tie-in for a movie that just released way too late, in reality it's actually a pretty good Left 4 Dead style shooter. With that in mind, I'm glad to say that things are now getting even better as the developers have just added a fairly comprehensive Horde mode.

Instead of the usual affair that involves camping a corner and blasting apart enemies until you get overrun, World War Z's Horde mode is a bit more proactive. The map is littered with loot to scavenge, defenses and upgrades to purchase, and most importantly of all, bonus tasks that ask of you to roam around during some of the heaviest zombie waves. So while it will still likely get old after a while, it's at least an interesting take on the Horde mode formula and a nice little side-attraction to complement the main game mode.

Besides the Horde mode, the highlight of this update is the new special zombie - The Bomber. Simply shooting at the bomber causes a massive explosion that can take out both you and the zombies, but if you have a bit of breathing room, you can always aim for the limbs in order to bring him down safely, disarm the bombs, and then steal the valuable items for yourself! Just make sure not to mess up, as otherwise you might just end up with a face full of BOOM!

As a final note, I'll leave you with a brief trailer highlighting the above mentioned Horde Mode and The Bomber, as well as some of the other minor features coming in with this update. Enjoy!