World of Warcraft: Dragonflight screenshot of Dracthyr in the Forbidden Reach zone

[Update #2]: Blizzard has now detailed all of the changes and additions coming with Dragonflight's chunky Update 10.1.

[Update]: World of Warcraft's Update 10.1 will be adding a new zone, raid and cross-faction guilds on May 2nd.

If you have any alts that you would like to get to max level and try to tackle endgame content with, the freshly released Update 10.0.7 is pretty much the perfect time to do so. First and foremost, the newly reopened Forbidden Reach zone is absolutely brimming with rare enemies that drop 385 item level, account bound gear that can then be further upgraded to 395.

So if you have a newly leveled character, you can get them up to speed and ready to tackle at least normal level Raids or lower Mythic+ in less than an hour, which compared to the previous update's progression paths, is insanely fast. And since all of this takes place in a brand new zone, you'll also be able to get a couple of new pets, mounts and other assorted knick-knacks for your troubles!

The most important of these random items are the Zskera Vault Keys which can be used to explore randomized solo 'dungeons' that rotate on a weekly basis. While nothing too complex, they're a fun little diversion and yet another source of cosmetic goodies. So if you're in the mood for some light puzzles, I'd highly recommend giving the vaults a look once you've assembled a decent stockpile of keys - around 30 should be enough to clear everything.

If you just want to get your alt characters leveled up, however, it's well worth mentioning that Blizzard will be running a series of Timewalking events over the next few weeks. These are a great place to level up new characters, learn the ins and outs of their abilities and how their rotations work, and once again, grab some classic mounts and skins along the way.

The good news doesn't end there as the Darkmoon Faire will be making its monthly appearance in the near future as well. This is important because riding the carousel gives you a 10% experience and reputation boost, which will really help you blitz your way to level 70.

Have fun with your alts, and I'll make sure to let you know once Blizzard finally announces when the upcoming and rather chunky Update 10.1 will be launching.