World of Warcraft: Dragonflight screenshot of a Tauren using the Trading Post

[Update #2]: World of Warcraft's Update 10.1 will be adding a new zone, raid and cross-faction guilds on May 2nd.

[Update]: World of Warcraft's freshly launched Update 10.0.7 is all about getting new characters up to speed.

Instead of going with yet another world-ending event that requires our utmost attention, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight's Update 10.0.5 has decided to take things in the completely opposite direction. As such, the freshly released update is almost entirely about cosmetics and customizations!

First and foremost, you can now transmog the appearance of poor (grey) and common (white) quality items. Many of these items are highly thematic sets from previous expansions, so if you prefer to have your characters look practical rather than ridiculous, the 'new' appearances are well worth messing around with.

Update 10.0.5 has also launched alongside The Storm’s Fury event. This new event will pop up every five hours and take place at the Temporal Conflux portal in Thaldraszus. Braving its various challenges will grant you Essences of the Storm - a currency that can then be used to acquire both cosmetic and gameplay-focused items like the Skyskin Hornstrider mount, Time-Lost Vorquin Foal pet, and other such goodies.

Most importantly of all, Update 10.0.5 has brought with it the Trading Post! This new system is not an Auction House spin-off as the name might suggest, but rather a way for you to earn a massive array of fancy cosmetics, mounts, pets and even cash shop items. Best of all, you don't have to spend real money in order to get all of this stuff, but rather a new account-wide currency called Trader's Tender.

Once the Trading Post goes live on February 1st you'll be able to get 500 Trader's Tender by simply visiting the Trading Post each month, and then another 500 by completing an assortment of monthly activities. You can then either save up for some of the more exclusive items, or spend everything immediately on some of the smaller yet still nifty prizes.

The final thing worth mentioning is that Update 10.0.5 has been accompanied by a massive assortment of balance changes, tweaks and bug fixes. There's far too many changes to even attempt to summarize, so if you're curious about all of the details you can find what you seek over at the patch notes.

Enjoy, and here's to hoping the Trading Post concept gets expanded even further with future updates!