World of Warcraft: Classic gryphon rider screenshot

[Update #2]: World of Warcraft: Classic is apparently so popular that Blizzard has now greatly increased the population cap on all realms in order to combat extreme queue times.

[Update]: I'm happy to say that World of Warcraft: Classic has now been officially released and that the servers are practically overflowing with players!

World of Warcraft: Classic's character creation and name reservation service has gone live a little while ago, and as you might imagine, quickly resulted in all of the available servers getting filled to the brim. Blizzard has quickly responded by opening up new servers and urging players to swap around, but even so, the servers are currently looking extremely overcrowded across the board.

In order to address this, as well as to avoid unbearably long queue times, Blizzard has now announced that they will be opening up a whole bunch of new servers on August 26th. These servers will be going live slightly ahead of WoW Classic's full release, and since the current character creation limit will be getting removed, you should have plenty of time to pick and choose your favorite names and get ready for when the doors finally swing open.

Speaking of which, the European region will be getting five new English servers: Flamelash, Gandling, Mograine and Razorgore as PvP realms, and Nethergarde Keep as a Normal PvE realm. The North American region will be getting a more mixed batch of servers: Incendius (EST) and Bigglesworth (PST) will be PvP realms, while Westfall (EST) and Old Blanchy (PST) will be Normal PvE ones.

Like before, it is worth mentioning that even the smallest WoW Classic servers will be significantly more populated than even the largest original servers. So if you're worried about ending up on a dead realm by choosing to go with one of the medium-population servers, worry not as that's unlikely to happen this time around.

You can read the full developer update over at the WoW Classic forums. And if you're curious about the team's thoughts on WoW Classic and its future, you might also be glad to hear that the devs have recently held a lengthy Q&A session!