World of Warcraft: Classic official artwork for Ragnaros

[Update]: Blizzard has now opened up free server transfers from the overpopulated realms.

World of Warcraft: Classic has ended up being a lot more popular than Blizzard expected, so much so that even all of the newly released servers have gotten filled to the brim within a single day! While that is certainly an impressive achievement, it is also a bit of a problem as large servers mean large queue times, sometimes even upwards of three to four hours.

In order to combat this problem, as well as hopefully give everyone a chance to actually play WoW Classic this month, Blizzard has now greatly increased the population caps on all realms. This change shouldn't affect the in-game experience in any real way as Blizzard's layering system will sort everyone into fairly equal groups, but it will make sure that you won't have to go through extremely long queues before getting to play.

Ironically enough, it would appear that this move has only further increased WoW Classic's popularity, as even the newly extended servers are now stating they're full! Thankfully, the queue times are a lot less obscene than they were two days ago, so the changes have definitely had the desired effect. 

The only exception here are some of the original servers as their population is so overwhelmingly large that there is simply no way they can all fit at the same time. If you're on these servers, I would highly recommend swapping to some of the smaller ones as otherwise you're going to have to endure extreme queue times for quite a few months. And don't worry about ending up without people to play with, because pretty much all of the servers are filled to the point of breaking, even the smallest ones!

Whatever your plan of action may be, you can learn a little bit more about the server changes over at the WoW Classic forums.