World of Warcraft: Classic concept art showing an Orc, Tauren and Human

[Update #3]: Blizzard has now opened up free server transfers from the overpopulated realms.

[Update #2]: I'm happy to say that World of Warcraft: Classic has now been officially released and that the servers are practically overflowing with players!

[Update]: Blizzard has announced they will be adding a whole bunch of new WoW Classic servers on August 26th, right before launch!

Blizzard has recently opened up character creation and name reservation services for World of Warcraft: Classic, and as you might imagine, this has quickly resulted in the few available servers getting filled to the brim. More servers opened up to meet the ever-increasing demand, though with players essentially locked to their starting server due to name reservations, this did little to solve the problem.

As of right now, Blizzard is expecting the most popular WoW Classic servers to have queue times longer than an hour, perhaps even multiple hours during prime time. Since this isn't exactly ideal, Blizzard has now once again released a developer update urging players to swap from the overflowing realms to those that are merely overcrowded.

For the North America region, players on Herod, Faerlina and Whitemane servers are encouraged to move to the Blaumeux (PST) and Skeram (EST) realms in order to get a better playing experience on launch. Similarly, players on Shazzrah and Golemagg in the Europe region are encouraged to move onto the newly opened Firemaw realm.

If you're worried this sort of move will leave you on a dead server, worry not as all of the existing realms already have a bigger population than even the biggest servers in 2016. As such, even if you choose to join a server that's marked as "medium", you should have an easy time finding players for just about any activity. It's also worth mentioning that the full launch of WoW Classic will also bring in a brand new wave of new players, so it's likely that even the smallest of servers will end up getting filed to the brim anyway.

Before you make up your mind either way, you should go and read the full developer update over at the WoW Classic forums.