Artwork for the possible Saints Row 1 Reboot

[Update]: After a lengthy delay, Volition's big Saints Row reboot has now arrived, though not without a fair bit of criticism.

It's been an open secret for quite a while now that Volition is working on a brand new Saints Row game. However, according to the newly released teaser website, it would appear that the game in question will not be technically new, but rather a reboot of an older one!

The exact details are few and far between, but I'd imagine we're looking at either a reboot of Saints Row 1 or 2. I'd personally love to see Saint's Row 2 recreated as the game runs about as smoothly as a jogger caught in a tornado on PC, but it's far more likely that the long-forgotten Saints Row 1 will get the reboot treatment instead.

If that does indeed end up happening, I do hope they'll ditch the whole 'GTA clone' routine and focus more on what makes Saints Row unique. That said, I also wouldn't mind if we went back to Saints Row 2 levels of wackiness where things are mostly serious so the occasional nonsense comes as a little treat, rather than following in the footsteps of Saints Row 4 where the dial is cranked to 11 from the very start so nothing ever feels special anymore.

For now, however, you can keep an eye on any further developments and announcements over at the Saints Row website.