Vermintide 2 Shade Kerillian artwork

[Update #2]: Vermintide 2's rogue-lite Chaos Wastes expansion is launching on April 20, and it's entirely free!

[Update]: Vermintide 2's Patch 3.2 has brought in some long-requested quality of life improvements 

After going through a rather extended testing period, Vermintide 2's Big Balance Beta has now finally come to an end. While the Huntsman rework has been postponed in order to ensure it fits in a bit better, the rest of the changes have been deemed successful and already implemented into the main game!

Overpowered weapons like Kruber's Executioner Sword or Kerillian's Dual Daggers have received relatively minor nerfs, while a whole host of previously underpowered weapons have undergone some drastic improvements. For example, after years of being completely and utterly irrelevant, Kerillian's one-handed and two-handed swords are now actually usable and can be carried even into the hardest content out there!

There are far too many changes to go over individually, so if you're curious about all of the details, you can find the full patch notes at the Vermintide 2 website. It's a rather long and detailed list that also includes terms that are never mentioned in the actual game, so don't be too surprised if you need to do a little bit of googling in order to fully understand all of the changes.

As for the future of Vermintide 2, Fatshark has also recently revealed that they are working on a brand new expansion set within the Chaos Wastes! No details have been revealed just yet, but I certainly hope we'll get some fancy demons to fight, even if they are of the lesser sort. There's also another new career coming in the somewhat near future, but much like the recently launched Grail Knight, expect to only find out more about it once it's nearly upon us.

That's pretty much everything you need to know for now. So hop into Vermintide 2, pick up some of the previously pathetic weapons, and see just how well their upgraded form fares against hordes of ratmen and Chaos madmen!