Vermintide 2 screenshot of the Nurgle infested Chaos Wastes

[Update]: The Chaos Wastes expansion has now finally arrived, and as expected, it's a pretty good one!

After teasing it time and time again, Fatshark has now finally detailed the upcoming Vermintide 2 expansion! You can expect to see the Chaos Wastes make its way to PC this April 20th, and in a shocking twist, it will be entirely free for everyone! The console version will also be coming, though at a future date.

The Chaos Wastes expansion will primarily focus on a rogue-lite game mode that will have you have undergo a variety of expeditions into the very realm of Chaos in search of magical artifacts. Along the way you'll acquire interesting new abilities and talents, purchase powerful boons from shrines, as well as explore 15 new and unique locations.

Given that this is a rogue-lite game mode we're talking about, all of the progress you make throughout each expedition will be reset at the start of a new one. So while you will be able to make yourself ridiculously overpowered through a combination of extra talents and special boons, this will only last until the end of the expedition. As such, each expedition promises a unique experience with plenty of rats and Chaos worshipers to strike down as you go.

While the Chaos Wastes themselves will be entirely free, there will also be a paid component to this update - five new weapons, one for each hero. A spear & shield combo for Kruber, Moonfire Bow for Kerillian, Griffonfoot Pistols (which are actually shotguns) for Saltzpyre, the AOE-focused Coruscation Staff for Sienna, and most excitingly of all, a Trollhammer Torpedo for Bardin!

If you're curious what all of this looks like in actual gameplay, as well as how the whole expedition system stacks up to Winds of Magic's Weaves, I'm happy to say that Fatshark has given me a chance to poke around the new content and so I'll be releasing a lengthy preview tomorrow morning.

Until then, I'll leave you with the brief trailer highlighting some of the fancy new locations. Enjoy!