Vermintide 2 screenshot of the Grail Knight swinging his sword

[Update #2]: Fatshark has now added a magic-focused career for Kerillian - Sister of the Thorn!

[Update]: Vermintide 2's second post-launch career is the minigun-wielding Outcast Engineer.

After being requested time and time again, Vermintide 2 has now finally added lighting and weather variations for all outdoor areas! That said, while the presence of rain or darkness might impact visibility, none of the actual gameplay will be changed based on weather - so don't worry about sliding all over the place during a blizzard!

Besides the weather variations, this update has also been accompanied by a brand new piece of DLC containing Vermintide 2's very first additional career - the Grail Knight. As you would expect from the living embodiment of chivalry, the Grail Knight never engages enemies in ranged combat, preferring to instead charge into the thickest melee to prove his worth to the godlike Lady of the Lake.

In terms of actual content, the new Grail Knight career for Kruber comes with its very own skill tree, modified voice lines that are sadly nowhere near as aggressively French as I hoped they would be, as well as two additional weapons - the Bretonnian sword & shield combo, and the Bretonnian longsword. Out of the two the longsword is by far my favorite, but the shield is quite mighty as well, especially when you realize you can just kind of relax and take a breather while a poor fire-rat is desperately trying to burn you to a crisp!

As for the price, the Grail Knight DLC comes in two distinct packs - a cheaper one that offers only the career itself, and the more expensive one that adds new challenges and cosmetics to toy around with. From what I can tell there's quite a bit of hubbub within the Vermintide 2 community about this, but considering that the Grail Knight is €3.5 and pretty darn fun to play, I really don't see much of a reason to complain.

Whatever your thoughts on the matter may be, you can learn more about the Grail Knight and Vermintnide 2 in general, over at Steam. Have fun, and make sure to scream "FOR ZE LADY" every 10 seconds to get the optimal Bretonnian experience!