Vermintide 2 artwork for the Be'lakor update showing all of the player characters together

[Update #2]: Vermintide 2 is celebrating its Fifth Anniversary with a free weekend, triple experience and festive map.

[Update]: In celebration of the series' seventh anniversary, Vermintide 2 has just added a frigid new map - Trail of Treachery.

The Chaos Wastes are Vermintide 2's rogue-like game mode where you and your team get to explore a variety of increasingly more challenging and randomized levels. Along the way you'll have to wrangle with both positive and negative modifiers, collect a whole bunch of overpowered upgrades, and naturally, use every tool at your disposal to cleave through ever-growing hordes of ratmen and Chaos worshipers.

In an effort to spice up the Chaos Wastes even further, Fatshark has now unleashed a rather sizable update. The appropriately titled Be'lakor update brings with it the dark prince's influence to the Chaos Wastes, and with it new challenges and modifiers to overcome, along with new rewards for your efforts!

Should you find yourself in a map touched by Be'lakor, your goal will be to hunt down and defeat the powerful Shadow Lieutenants. Once dealt with, you'll have to take their crystal and use it to destroy the Shadow Locus from which they were first summoned. This will reveal The Temple of Shadows on the world map, and with it a brand new and rather tricky map to rummage through in search of powerful boons.

Speaking of which, the Be'lakor update has also added 7 new weapon traints and 31 new boons, all of which can be found randomly throughout the Chaos Wastes. Additionally, some of the most powerful boons have been reshuffled around, so getting an obsenely powerful build will require a fair bit more work than before.

You can check out the exact details, as well as learn more about the sort of nonsense Be'lakor is trying to pull, over at the Vermintide website.

Have fun with the new stuff, and I'll leave you with the brief trailer to help set the atmosphere: