Valorant screenhsot of the upcoming Icebox map

[Update #2]: Valorant's Act 3 update has now brought in the very first new map - Icebox.

[Update]: Valorant's new animal-focused Agent Skye is looking to be an absolute powerhouse!

Even though the recent update has made it so maps are a lot less likely to repeat, Valorant is still in dire need of more maps. Each one is essentially its own mini-game with its own unique rules and tricks, so the more quality maps we have, the more enjoyable it is to just rush from one match to another.

As such, I am pleased to say that the upcoming Act 3 update will add the Icebox - a rather chilly map filled with storage containers, heavy machinery, and most importantly of all, ziplines! Here's a brief teaser of what you can expect to see this October 13th:

I'd love to tell you more, but that brief teaser is everything we have for now. That said, Riot has shared a few more tidbits of information on how competitive play will be changing with Act 3. First and foremost, there will be a tighter matchmaking queue in order to avoid lopsided games, and you'll also be able to select your preferred server in order to get the best ping whenever possible.

Those of you that are Immortal ranked or higher will be happy to hear that your rank will soon only change based on wins or losses, without any sort of performance adjustments. So if you prefer to play it nice and slow, worry not as you'll no longer get punished for it... as long as you still win games!

You can learn a tiny bit more about these changes, as well as keep an eye on any future Act 3 teasers, over at the Valorant website. Enjoy!