Valorant official artwork of Jett

[Update #2]: Valorant's next Agent will be the defense and turret focused Killjoy.

[Update]: Newest update has buffed Viper, nerfed Raze, and rebalanced Brimstone.

It has only been a little while since the ranked mode was introduced, and already Riot has come to announce their plans for Valorant's future. Unsurprisingly, they contain quite a few new agents, maps, and cosmetics to mess around with!

According to the developer update, Valorant will have two episodes each year, with every episode consisting of three acts that last two months each. The launch of an episode will bring with it massive changes that shake up the gameplay in a significant way, while the acts will bring with them new Agents, cosmetics, and potentially even new game modes. This is not a rule set in stone, however, so there might still be major features launching alongside the release of a new act.

As you've likely figured out already, this also means that there will be six new Agents coming each year. Once again, the exact number will heavily depend on their reception and how well the playerbase adapts to the influx of new Agents, so don't be surprised if the final number ends up being quite a bit different.

When it comes to the somewhat near future, you can look forward to a brand new game mode. The exact details are still few and far between, but this new game mode will serve as a way to unwind after a lengthy ranked match, so expect something a bit more fast-paced than usual.

Once the first of the upcoming updates go live I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can learn a little bit more about Valorant's future through the latest developer diary. Enjoy!