Valorant artwork showing off Viper

[Update #2]: Latest Valorant update has nerfed Sage and Killjoy, as well as once again buffed Viper!

[Update]: The newest patch has added Agent Killjoy, deathmatch, and Raze nerfs!

While she is thematically one of the more interesting characters in Valorant, Viper was unfortunately far too weak to see any sort of serious play up to this point. Even after her recent buffs, she still remained at the very bottom in terms of both pickrate and winrate.

In order to correct this, as well as make her a lot more terrifying to play against, Riot has now unleashed yet another round of buffs. Her ultimate has received a variety of improvements that make it far more deadly to enter, the decay you suffer while huffing her poisons has been boosted up, and most importantly of all, using both her Posion Cloud and Toxic Screen abilities now no longer drains extra fuel!

Besides these rather nifty Viper buffs, the update has also nerfed Raze and Brimestone's ultimate cost by one. So instead of requiring six points, they now require seven. A relatively small numerical nerf, but it will make a noticeable difference in-game given how powerful the two ultimates can be in just about any match.

However, perhaps to compensate for the ultimate nerf, Brimstone's Stim Beacon has also received a rather nice buff. It now no longer shows its radius to enemies, which should make it a lot less suicidal to use, and it also no longer buffs enemies! Much like the ultimate changes above, these don't appear to be all that massive on paper, but they should make Brimstone just a little bit more fluid to play.

You can check out the full list of changes, as well as the exact numbers behind each one, over at the official website.