Valorant artwork showing off Agent Skye

[Update]: Valorant's Update 1.11 has returned, though this time around without the gamebreaking bugs.

As a part of the recent Update 1.11, Valorant added a brand new agent by the name of Skye, as well as a whole bunch of really interesting balance changes and quality of life improvements. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the update also arrived alongside an assortment of gamebreaking bugs and issues.

If you're curious just how gamebreaking we're talking about here, let's just say that simply standing within Omen's smoke field would completely blind you as your screen would be entirely filled with Sage's texture files. There was also a bunch of problems with abilities not working properly, most notably Omen's blind and Brimstone's smokes, so it's no wonder that Riot quickly decided to pull the update back.

A few days have gone by since then, and I'm happy to say that Update 1.11 will soon be making a return. The patching process will begin at 8am PT on Monday (November 2nd) for the Americas region, while the rest of the world will be getting it slightly later, most likely when Riot has confirmed everything works correctly. The new Agent Skye will be available immediately, as will the various bug fixes and balance changes, while some of the store items will only arrive a day later.

Once the update goes live, again, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, I'd highly recommend getting some experience with the new Icebox map as it'll soon be a part of the competitive mode.