Skull & Bones game screenshot of a broadside attack

[Update #2]: Skull and Bones has been delayed yet again, though this time we have an actual release date - March 9th, 2023!

[Update]: Ubisoft has once again reaffirmed they're still hard at work on the pirate-themed Skull & Bones.

Originally, Ubisoft's pirate-themed adventure Skull & Bones was lauded as a competitor to Sea of Thieves, and it genuinely seemed like it could blow it out of the water with superior visuals and better ship controls. However, while Sea of Thieves ended up being released and patched multiple times over, the only real pieces of information we got from Skull & Bones were news about delays.

I would love to tell you this is where Skull & Bones turns the ship around and truly makes a name for itself, but I'm afraid we're in for a repeat of everything that has happened so far. In other words, Skull & Bones has been delayed yet again, and there is still no official release date set for it.

"We’re going to batten down the hatches and push back on the game’s arrival," reads the brief update. "This is a challenging news for us all, but it’s what’s needed to make Skull & Bones as awesome as it can be!"

Historically, games that have undergone this many delays usually ended up releasing as a half-broken mess, so I can only hope the same fate will not befall Skull & Bones. After all, the world sure could use more pirate-themed games, doubly so when you consider that none of them have managed to nail the formula just yet!

Once more information becomes available I'll make sure to let you know, but until then you can learn a little bit more about Skull & Bones over at the official website.