Total War: Warhammer gameplay video showcases Chaos and the Empire

Creative Assembly has revealed the first bits of Total War: Warhammer footage that involve the forces of Chaos doing what they do best, but what should be an exciting occasion is currently being met with a fair share of anger given that the most iconic Warhammer faction is being used to sell pre-orders.

The good news is that everyone will be able to fight against Chaos, DLC or not, with the Vampire Counts having one of their major campaign objectives revolve around pushing the Chaos forces further in to the North. Controversial DLC aside, here's something that everyone can agree looks pretty good, the battle between the Empire and Chaos:


Once again we see the presenter lose, and while that's no proof the AI in Total War: Warhammer is going to be leagues ahead of the easily exploitable one from previous games, it does seem to point in that direction, and that pleases me greatly since this world needs far more Warhammer games that don't blow.

How exactly will it all end up, however, we'll be able to see on May 24 when Total War: Warhammer finally releases.