Apex Legends screenshot of the Drop-Off map from afar

[Update]: Apex Legends' Season 13 is adding Bangalore's brother and sprucing up the Storm Point map.

As a part of a little experiment, Apex Legends Season 12 - Defiance added Control as a highly enjoyable yet limited-time game mode. Well, I'm pleased to say that the experiment seems to have gone over well as the action packed 9v9 mode will be returning with today's (March 29, 2022) Warriors update, though once again as a limited-time event.

More importantly, Control won't be coming back empty handed, but rather alongside a new map to explore. The Caustic Treatment area from Kings Canyon will be getting chopped up and fitted with all sorts of new toys like ziplines, skydive launches and hover tanks in order to make it an interesting playground for Control.

The Arena mode will also be getting its usual mid-season map with the Hammond Robotics themed Drop-Off. Judging by the screenshots shown so far, it looks like Drop-Off will be all about the extremes. You're either going to be fighting your opponents at long range or close enough that you can probably smell their breath. It's a bit of a divergence from the usual Arena map, so it should be quite interesting.

Once the Warriors update arrives, Apex Legends will also finally get a native version on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. This initial implementation should greatly improve the visuals and performance, while a future update will add even further enhancements, including support for 120hz gameplay.

You can read more about this, as well as the rest of the Warriors update, over at the Apex Legends website. Enjoy, and I'll leave you with the brief trailer highlighting some of the new additions: