Apex Legends artwork for the new hero Newcastle

[Update #2]: Season 13 - Saviors has now arrived alongside a whole host of balance changes.

[Update]: Apex Legends' new Season 13 preview is here to show off what Newcastle is all about, though sadly the Nemesis rifle is nowhere to be found.

If the current Apex Legends meta has started to get stale and you're looking for something new and exciting to reignite the spark, you'll be happy to hear that Season 13 - Saviors is nearly upon us! Once it arrives this May 10th it'll bring with it Bangalore's brother Newcastle as a brand new Legend, a couple of new locations to mess up in Storm Point, an assortment of new cosmetics to collect, and most likely a brand new weapon as well!

The latter has not been announced just yet, but given the recent rumors and leaks it's expected that Season 13 will bring with it the Nemesis assault rifle. If these sources are credible then the Nemesis will be a burst-fire rifle that uses energy ammo, which will then most likely result in the Havoc getting upgraded to a supply crate weapon in order to avoid them sharing the spotlight.

Rumors aside, allow me to share with you two of the trailers showing off both Newcastle and the reasons why Storm Point is undergoing changes. Have a gander, starting with the hero origin trailer:

As soon as more information becomes available, most likely once the gameplay trailer drops in the near future, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can squeeze out a few more tidbits of information from the Apex Legends website. Enjoy!