The Surge screenshot of the new Cutting Edge weapon and armor

I must admit, I'm starting to get some very high hopes for The Surge 2. Not only has the developer Deck13 demonstrated that they are willing to improve upon the level design in nearly every way through the recent A Walk in the Park DLC, but also that they're willing to go the distance with their games given that The Surge has just received a rather exciting content update!

The appropriately titled "The Cutting Edge Pack" brings with it three unique weapons to play around with, as well as three new armor sets that offer a variety of useful bonuses. Perhaps most interestingly of all, in order to get these new items you will have to find and clobber six new mini-bosses in the Abandoned Production, Management and Core zones. According to the announcement they won't go down easily, so make sure to prepare for a proper fight.

There really isn't much else to say about the update itself, so allow me to share with you a brief rundown of the new weapons and armor. Have a gander:

The Cutting Edge Pack DLC will grant 3 new armor sets providing a variety of useful boons when worn in their entirety, 3 devastating weapons, as well as 3 brand new jumpsuits:

The ANGEL was originally designed for operation in the harsh vacuum of space, some of the most inhospitable conditions known to man, and bestows faster attack speeds, better energy gain, harder impacts on CODENAME weapons.

The ASCLEPIUS was meant to assist army veterans in gaining a new lease on life, but its regenerative powers will work well enough for you too.

The NANO WARD gear uses bleeding edge technology to give your blocks some serious explosive power – if you can time them right.

On the more offensive side, CREO’s new weapons are the latest technology, prototypes for blue-sky projects that may never see the light of day – and certainly haven’t been safety-tested!

The Experiment 44H, known as the Dark Star, never saw full production due to the madness of its creator leading to him sabotaging the whole project before more than one could be made. Its unique containment field will wreak havoc on enemies.

The Engelhart is a boost tool that uses state-of-the-art technology to become searing hot anytime, anywhere. As potentially dangerous to the wielder as their enemies, it requires skill and practice to use effectively.

The BioN J-1, codenamed Last Aid, is quite literally a surgical tool, originally designed for use in medical hospitals. After an unfortunate incident with a rogue doctor, it became known as a tool of carnage.

The update, or rather the free DLC, is already live on all three platforms. In other words, simply head on over to either Steam or your console store in order to download and add it to your game.

As a final note, it is worth mentioning that The Surge 2 will have a major presence during this year's E3, so if you're itching to learn more make sure to tune in this June.

The Surge screenshot of the new medic-themed armor and weapons