The official artwork and logo for The Surge 2

[Update]: The Surge 2 now has a lengthy and rather exciting developer walkthrough!

Much like its predecessor Lords of the Fallen, The Surge is a competent Souls-like RPG that's unfortunately plagued by some annoying design decisions. Despite all of its flaws, however, I had a great deal of fun with The Surge and its A Walk in the Park expansion, which is why I'm quite happy to say that Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 are working on a sequel!

The details are currently few and far between, but according to the original announcement The Surge will have larger and more ambitious level design, more brutal combat, an expanded limb-targeting system, as well as an arsenal of new weapons and abilities! While all of these additions are great, it is the promise of larger and more interesting levels that excites me the most. After all, one of the most enjoyable aspects of any Souls-like game is the random meandering about in search of secrets, something the original The Surge simply could not deliver on.

As of right now The Surge 2 is set to arrive on both PC and consoles in 2019, though there is no exact release date available just yet, for obvious reasons. I would love to tell you more, but I'm afraid that's pretty much all of the information that's currently available.

Once more details surface I'll make sure to cover them as I'm genuinely curious myself, but until then all we can really do is sit and wait. On the positive side, at least we know that the developers have realized where they have made mistakes and that they are now working on correcting them!