The Surge screenshot of an evil mascot from the A Walk in the Park expansion

The Surge is a Dark Souls inspired sci-fi action-RPG developed by the studio behind Lords of the Fallen. As you would expect given their inspiration, The Surge features tactical and visceral combat against some truly dangerous enemies, a variety of unique weapons and armor pieces, and naturally, a bleak and depressing world.

However, while the developers have done an excellent job of making The Surge's world as unwelcoming as possible, there comes a point where one starts to yearn for even a bit of color to break up all of the monotony. As such, I am very glad to say that The Surge's very first expansion "A Walk in the Park" has now arrived with a whole bunch of new content set in an open and colorful environment - a twisted theme park! Rather than try and explain this, allow me to share with you the recently posted trailer. Have a look:

The details are currently in short supply, but you can expect to see a whole bunch of demented mascots as new enemies, as well as a variety of gigantic bosses that would love nothing more than to stomp you into the ground. In order to compete with these new threats you'll be able to acquire numerous new weapons and armor, as well as implants that allow you to further customize your playstyle. Most importantly of all, A Walk in the Park has brought with it an open-world full of branching paths and secrets to discover, which should be a breath of fresh air compared to the fairly linear base game.

A Walk in the Park has now arrived for both PC and consoles, and it will set you back €15. Whether its worth it or not, I'm afraid I don't know, but you can learn a little bit more by heading over to either Steam or the official website. And finally, here's a couple of images showing off the various 'attractions':

The Surge, A Walk in the Park expansion screenshot of robots moving towards the player

The Surge A Walk in the Park expansion screenshot of an ominous theme park

The Surge A Walk in the Park expansion screenshot of a destroyed rollercoaster