The second Overwatch animated short is called Alive

I'm not sure why Blizzard has decided to invest so much time and effort in to creating compelling lore for a game where everyday business is mostly shooting people in the head, but I am grateful they decided to do so because it has managed to elevate Overwatch in to something quite special.

Today's lore tidbits come from the second animated short, titled Alive, that explores some of the darker elements and themes of the Overwatch universe through the point of view of Widowmaker, the impractically dressed and not-quite-French sniper. Here's the video:


Personally, I prefer this one over Wilson's short that was released two weeks ago, mostly because it doesn't find it necessary to constantly repeat its key elements over and over again like its an episode of Mythbusters in fear of even a single viewer being confused.

Slight rant aside, the Blizzard animation team is still on top of their game and I would absolutely go to the cinemas to watch a fully-featured Overwatch movie. Unfortunately, I doubt that's going to happen, so I guess I'll just settle for hoping that there's a third and fourth animated short in the works somewhere out there.

If you would like to try out Overwatch for yourself, you will have a chance in the near future as the open beta starts on May 5 and runs until May 9, with two extra days given to those that pre-order. And speaking of pre-orders, if you grab the PC version of Overwatch: Origins you will be granted Tracer as a Heroes of the Storm hero on April 19, a week before everyone else.