Tracer from Overwatch is coming to HOTS

Heroes of the Storm is soon going to become a lot more cheerful as Tracer, the constantly optimistic and time-warping adventurer from Overwatch, is making her way to the Nexus.

She will become available on April 19 for those that pre-order the PC version of Overwatch: Origins, with the rest getting a chance to purchase her from the in-game store starting on April 26. Here's the trailer showcasing some of her abilities:


Once released, Tracer is going to be the first and only hero in Heroes of the Storm that's able to move while attacking, making her a living nightmare to shake off. The second unique thing about her is that she comes with only one Heroic ability which can then be further customized by upgrading it in three different ways. What exactly they are, Blizzard has decided to keep a secret for now.

Finally, those that purchase the Overwatch: Origins Edition on other platforms will also receive Tracer for free, but only after they pick up their copy of Overwatch starting from May 24th.

Tracer is coming to HOTS

P.S. You can see her butt in one of the taunts, I wonder if anyone is going to complain to Blizzard about this again.