Official artwork and logo for Half_Life: Alyx

[Update #2]: Half-Life: Alyx has now been released, and I'm pleased to say it's been well worth the wait!

[Update]: Half-Life: Alyx now has three new gameplay previews, each one showcasing a different style of movement.

If you've somehow managed to avoid playing the Half-Life games and yet you're curious what all of the fuss is really about, I have some very good news for you. In order to build up excitement for the VR-exclusive Half-Life: Alyx, Valve has made all of the main Half-Life games entirely free to play!

Each of them will remain free until Half-Life: Alyx launches at some point in March, though I can't give you an exact date here as Valve hasn't revealed it just yet. On the positive side, the current timer on Steam is set to expire in about eight weeks, so you should have plenty of time to give the series a proper try.

For those of you that are entirely new to the series, it is worth mentioning that despite their classic status, the Half-Life games might feel a little bit generic at times. This isn't because they're bad, mind you, but actually quite the opposite. The Half-Life games were so instrumental in the development of the FPS genre that many of the ideas the series has pioneered have become standard and subsequently even overused throughout the years. I wouldn't say this detracts from their quality, but it is something you should keep in mind if you're approaching them from a purely modern perspective.

That little bit of warning aside, you can learn more about the Half-Life series, as well as download each of the games, over at Steam. Have fun, and I'll leave you with a trailer for the upcoming Half-Life: Alyx!