Half-Life: Alyx screenshot of a Combine soldier attacking the player

[Update]: Half-Life: Alyx has now been released, and I'm pleased to say it's been well worth the wait!

Valve's VR-exclusive Half-Life: Alyx will be making its way to Steam this March 23rd. The action will take place between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, and as you might imagine, it will focus on Alyx Vance as she attempts to weaken the Combine's grip on City 17 and the planet as a whole.

As for the actual gameplay, you can learn more about that through the three recently posted (and rather impressive) previews. Each of the videos features a unique chunk of gameplay and a different style of movement, so do make sure to give each one a peek. The first video showcases teleportation, the second uses the teleportation method with a bit more movement added into the mix, while the third one sports my personal favorite - continuous movement. Have a gander:

Honestly, I'm quite impressed with how smooth Valve has managed to make everything look. So if Half-Life: Alyx ends up being of a decent length, I could really see it being a true game-changer for VR in its entirety. So here's to hoping it manages to do just that!

You can learn more about Half-Life: Alyx, as well as follow any future updates from Valve, over at Steam.