Geralt and Ciri from The Witcher 3 playing Gwent

Gwent's very first Open Beta ranked season has had quite a few balance issues, but to CDPR's credit they have managed to correct pretty much all of them. There are still some outliers that remain overwhelmingly powerful, yet despite their dominance just about every faction and leader is viable in high level play.

With the upcoming 20-card expansion just around the corner, CDPR has now also announced that Season 1 will be ending later this month, on August 27th at midnight CEST. Once the season ends the top players will be given exclusive rewards, while everyone else will get vast amounts of card packs, scraps for crafting cards, as well as Meteorite Powder which is used to create animated cards. The amount of stuff you receive will be based on your season high, so make sure to push as hard you can in the next few weeks as you'll be reaping greatly increased rewards with each extra rank you achieve!

Secondly, the ranking points you worked so very hard to acquire during Season 1 will not all be going away in the next season. Instead, you'll be able to keep one third, which is also going to be how your initial rank (and rewards) are determined. Perhaps most interestingly of all, those of you that manage to end the season with over 4200 rating (or season high ranks of 20 or 21) will be put into a brand new ladder type, though what exactly it is I'm afraid we currently don't know.

More information will be released during Gamescom 2017, but until then allow me to leave you with the most recent developer video discussing some of the upcoming social features. Enjoy!