Ciri and Geralt from Witcher playing Gwent

CDPR announced a couple of weeks ago that the Gwent Open Beta will soon be bolstered with 20 new cards. While we still don't know when exactly the cards will come, CDPR did just release a little bit of a teaser in the form of not only new cards, but also some of the upcoming balance changes.

Since all of this was revealed in preparation for tomorrow's Chinajoy event all of the card text is in Chinese, but thankfully jockeyjoestar on Reddit did a rough translation. So if you're interested in seeing all of the new artwork you should head over to the Reddit thread, but if you're just looking for the card effects and balance changes you'll find the full list down below. Have a gander:


Vesemir (This is a new card, not a rework)

- Neutral, Gold

- 6 Strength, Any row

- Deploy:Play an Alchemy card(maybe the potions?), then shuffle others back.


- Now his base strength is 1


- Base strength is now 6

- Celaeno Harpy most likely getting reworked



- Neutral, silver

- 2 strength, Siege

- Deploy: spawn Savage Bear, Wyvern, or Griffin

Clan Drummond Skrimshers

- Skellige, Bronze

- 8 strength, Ranged

- Deploy: Discard a Bronze unit from your deck


- Nilfgaard, bronze

- 2 strength, Disloyal, Any row

- Deploy: damage a unit on the left by the unit's base strength

Magni Troop (Spelling might be wrong)

- Nilfgaard, bronze

- 8 strength, Ranged

- Deploy: Boost self for each disloyal unit in your hand

Ban Ard Tutor

- Northern Realms, Bronze

- 4 strength, Siege

- Deploy: Choose a bronze spell from your deck to your hand, then shuffle a card to the deck.

Poor Flanking Infrantry (PFI!)

- Northern Realms, bronze

- 6 strength, Melee

- Deploy:Spawn a Left Infantry On The Left and a Right Infantry On The Right

As for the rest of the cards, they will be revealed tomorrow during the Chinajoy event. I must admit I'm quite looking forward to it because most of the archetypes in Gwent lack only a couple of cards to become viable, so a small and targeted card release has a high chance of being far more impactful than what might seem on first glance. Whether that's going to end up being the case or not, I suppose we'll just have to sit patiently and wait until tomorrow to find out.

[Update]: Only a few more cards and changes have been released at Chinajoy. You can find them by heading over to Reddit. The Chinese PTR (Public Test Realm) will open on August 8th, so expect to see proper patch notes around that time.