Geralt and Ciri playing some Gwent

It was only yesterday that CDPR release a teaser for Gwent's upcoming update, and already it has made its way to the live servers. The unnamed update brings with it heavy nerfs to weather and Monsters, a minor nerf to Skellige, as well as a variety of buffs and changes for the other factions.

The list has been considerably expanded since yesterday's reveal, so if you're interested in all of the changes and bug fixes you'll find what you're looking for over at the official forums. If you're just interested in the short version, however, here are some of the most important changes:

• Biting Frost - Has the ability of current Torrential Rain, except it will only affect one of the Lowest Units

• Impenetrable Fog - Current ability, but only one of the Highest Units 

• Torrential Rain - Damage 5 of the Lowest Units by 1 

• Aeromancy - Now plays chosen Bronze / Silver Weather from the Deck 

• Skellige Storm - Will deal 2 - 2 - 1 Damage now 

• Stammelford's Tremors - Damage 6 enemies by 2 (instead of 8) 

• Overdose - Reworked; Boost 6 random allies by 2 

• Renew - Now restricted to the owner's Graveyard 

• Priscilla - 4 Power from 5. Won't Boost self anymore. The ability will discontinue after 4 turns. Won't go back into the Deck anymore 

• Redanian Knight - Now Agile (was Melee) 

• Wild Hunt Hound - Power changed from 5 to 4 

• Caranthir - Power changed from 5 to 7. Moves 3 Enemies (instead of 5). Biting Frost changes apply to him 

• Succubus - Power changed from 6 to 5. Its ability will trigger at the end of its owner's turn 

• Emhyr var Emreis - Power changed from 4 to 6 

• John Calveit - Won't be able to play Gold cards. Imperial Golems will be played before John's ability is triggered 

• Clan Drummond Shieldmaiden - Removed Veteran Ability 

• Clan Tuirseach Axeman - Removed Veteran Ability. Power changed from 2 to 3 

• Morkvarg - Power changed from 8 to 9. Gets weakened by half (rounding up) 

• Savage Bear - Power changed from 6 to 7. No longer hits spawned Units. Fixed the bugs related to Savage Bear 

• Kambi - Hemdall Power changed from 11 to 16

All of the directly nerfed cards (such as Aeromancy) can be scrapped for full-value during the next three days. However, the scrap values are currently bugged and quite a few people are reporting they're getting a lot less than expected, so I would advise waiting at least a day before giving it a try yourself. That aside, have fun with the new patch and make sure to give the Northern Realms faction a try as its poised to become the very best.