Total War: Warhammer's latest video gives us a tour of the Old World

I don't think I've ever seen Creative Assembly this excited about one of their projects. Its only been a couple of days since the last Total War: Warhammer video presented the forces of Chaos, and already we have another showcase to enjoy.

This video, however, is not focused around the furious combat between mortal enemies, but rather on the reason behind all of that bloodshed, the Old World itself. Have a look as its quite the sight to behold, but just don't ask who exactly goes around mountains ranges and sculpts lifelike skulls in to them:


While there isn't much new information in the video, it does confirm Chaos as the main antagonist, regardless of your faction. And if simply facing down hordes of bloodthirsty madmen fueled by unholy powers beyond comprehension wasn't scary enough, they're being led by Archaon the Everchosen (the cheery guy in the image above), a champion of Chaos so powerful that he is capable of slaying gods!

That aside, this video has really made me thirst for a proper, Hollywood-style Warhammer movie, with all of the grand battles, over-the-top characters, and general madness that comes from this being set in the Warhammer universe. Either that or a long-winded RPG that has you trek across the entire world, perhaps as a Witch Hunter, in search of whatever magical doodad the creators wish to put in, I'm just interested in being able to experience the Old World up close, and personal.

Total War: Warhammer will be arriving to PC on May 24, with Mac and Linux versions slated for a future date. Furthermore, there will be numerous free DLC packs coming post-launch, one of which will include an entire new faction with unique units, heroes, items, and lore!