Total War: Warhammer's DLC plans have been detailed

Following numerous complaints about Warhammer's most iconic faction, the warriors of Chaos, being used to sell pre-orders, Creative Assembly has decided to stem the tides of negativity by announcing their post-launch free DLC plans.

While the details are currently unknown, the free DLC will come in waves and include things such as: new units, new lore and items, new legendary lords, new heroes, and most importantly, a mysterious new faction.

This is pure speculation on my part, but I'd imagine its either going to be the High Elves given their impact on the overall Warhammer lore, or the Skaven which have received a major resurgence in popularity with recent titles such as Vermintide or Mordeheim: City of the Damned. Out of the two I'd give the advantage to everybody's favorite pointy-eared punching bags, simply because their overall aesthetic lends itself to looking spectacular in large scale battles.

Total War: Warhammer might include Elves as free DLC

The helms might be silly, but I'll be damned if that armor/shield combo isn't amazing (source)

On the paid DLC front, there will be three types of packs:

• Lord Packs which will include two new Legendary Lords with their own unique quest chain, campaign bonuses and quest items, 2 new Lords to serve as Generals, a new unique unit, and a couple of cosmetic variations of previously available units.

• Race Packs will include a new playable race (duh), new Legendary Lords, new race-specific heroes, new magic items and mounts, race-specific unique units, buildings, technology and skill trees.

• Campaign Packs will include a self-contained campaign with a new set of victory conditions to suit both new and experience players alike, and pretty much everything the Race Pack brings to the table, including new races, heroes, Lords, etc.

This is just a rough outline of what to expect, so don't be surprised if a DLC ends up having slightly more, or slightly less content.

Total War: Warhammer will be arriving on May 24 for PC, with Mac and Linux versions coming in the future. As a final note, here's the latest gameplay video showcasing the forces of Chaos smashing through the Empire's finest.